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Centura Health Press Releases

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2013 Press Releases
Centura Health Launches System-Wide Itriage Technology Platform to Make Health Care Convenient and Engaging


Contacts:  Andrew Wineke
Centura Health
Manager, strategic communications
303-804-8222 (desk) 303-204-4990 (cell)

New tools will allow consumers to check in at an ER or urgent care, or book an appointment with a physician from their smartphone, tablet or computer

ENGLEWOOD, CO – (April 4, 2013) – Centura Health is committed to engaging consumers and offering innovative new technology to help them coordinate their own health with the ultimate goal to improve health care value. New online and mobile tools available in the coming months promise to make it easier than ever before to learn about potential health problems and to check in or book an appointment at Centura Health’s Colorado hospitals, urgent care clinics, surgical centers and physician offices.

Centura Health, working with the Denver-based health care software firm iTriage, will soon offer consumers the ability to inform one of Centura Health’s emergency rooms or urgent cares that they are on their way, or to book an appointment with their health care provider. Centura Health is the first health system in Colorado to offer these new features across its network. The “tell us you’re coming” and appointment features are already in use at several Centura Health hospitals and physician offices and will eventually be available throughout the state. The online and mobile tools can also help walk people through symptoms to learn more about potential health problems, giving consumers greater control over their own health and well-being.

The iTriage Employer Health Plan tools will be used by the 22,000 associates and family members on Centura Health’s own health plan to help them find providers in their insurance network – functionality that will also be used in a variety of programs aimed at delivering accountable, high-value care. Using the online or mobile tools, consumers can find maps and directions, contact information, descriptions of what services are available, and physician bios.

This iTriage technology will support Centura Health’s accountable care initiatives, including the Medicare Shared Savings Program, housing all information needed to inform Medicare fee-for-service patients where they can go for care and allowing them to conveniently book appointments and check in online or via their smartphone or tablet with participating providers when care is needed.

Centura Health is the first health system in the region to use iTriage to support accountable care programs. These tools will help to bring the patient into the equation for care coordination in Centura Health’s statewide network.

Connecting with consumers through technology is another step on Centura Health’s journey to transform health care and deliver optimal health care value – offering better outcomes, improved service and convenience, and affordable costs.


  • Engaging consumers and offering them more information and control over their health is one way Centura Health is delivering greater health care value.
  • Promoting health literacy gives consumers the tools to make decisions about their own health care.
  • Studies have shown that informed, engaged consumers produced better health care outcomes, reduced readmissions to hospitals and incurred lower medical costs.
  • Centura Health wants to move upstream to deliver high-value care that emphasizes prevention and helps people stay healthy. Engaging with consumers is an essential part of this goal.
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  • Using technology to improve service and convenience is just one of the ways Centura Health is dedicated to improving health care value.
  • Centura Health defines value as the combination of outcome effectiveness, service, convenience and cost. Our goal is for health care to be readily available and accessible, with outstanding and long-lasting clinical outcomes, provided in an environment of service excellence, at a reasonable cost.
  • We are creating systems of care, establishing physician practices, developing health neighborhoods, and affiliating with rural hospitals to create multiple access points and convenience for health care consumers.
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  • “Today’s consumers are accustomed to using mobile technology to make their lives simpler and health care providers can use these innovations to make their services more accessible and convenient,” said Pam Nicholson, Centura Health’s senior vice president, strategic integration. “Helping people learn more about potential problems and connect with health care resources online and on the go is an important step in improving the service we provide.”
  • “Centura Health is a true visionary when it comes to using technology to increase consumer engagement,” said Peter Hudson, M.D., CEO and co-founder, iTriage. “They really see the long-term, system-wide benefit, and how helping consumers be more informed about their health care can influence outcomes and lower costs.”

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About Centura Health

Centura Health, the region’s health care leader, is focused on connecting Colorado and Kansas to affordable, world-class care. Centura Health’s integrated network includes 14 hospitals, seven senior living communities, medical clinics, affiliated partner hospitals, Flight For Life® Colorado, 13 Colorado Health Neighborhoods and home care and hospice services. More than 16,200 of the best hearts and minds in medicine, along with over 6,000 physician partners, have access to the most technologically advanced tools available. For consumers, this means the top expertise and technology is right where you need it – close to where you are. We reach beyond hospital walls to connect with people at every stage of life; Connections that only Centura Health can make. For information on Centura Health or any of the facilities in our network, please visit

About iTriage

iTriage LLC, headquartered in Denver, Colo., is a global healthcare technology company founded in 2008 by two emergency medicine physicians. The company’s market-leading platform and mobile/website applications offer a proprietary Symptom-to-Provider™ pathway that empowers consumers to make better health care decisions. iTriage helps people answer the two most common medical questions: “What could be wrong?” and “Where could I go for treatment?” Millions of consumers around the globe have downloaded the free iTriage mobile app through the iTunes App store or Android Market, or used the iTriage website at In addition, thousands of health care providers already use the iTriage platform to reach more consumers and increase patient engagement.

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