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Sports Medicine Symposium

2014 Rocky Mountain Sports Medicine Symposium

Friday, August 8, and Saturday, August 9, 2014

Conference Overview:

The conference provides participants with a broad update on evolving standard of care in sports medicine.

The focus of the conference is a multidisciplinary approach to sports medicine providing the proper approaches to the evaluation, treatment and care of athletes, along with the prevention of injuries and other medical issues. Renowned experts from an array of institutions will review the latest developments in these areas in an attempt to improve awareness among providers and improve understanding and cooperation between different specialists rendering care to the injured athelete.

Keynote speaker: Peter Jamieson, PA-C, Mount Everest summiteer, will discuss high altitude medicine.
Featuring renowned sports medicine expert: Mark D. Miller, MD, University of Virginia School of Medicine.
Other notable sports medicine presenters: Richard Lawton, MD, Durango Orthopedics, "Shoulder Instability in Athletes;" Douglas Orndorff, MD, Spine Colorado, "Cervical Stenosis."
Additional topics include: athletic safety, concussion experts and many more.

Who Should Attend:

This conference is designed for orthopedic, sports medicine, family and internal medicine physicians, surgeons, physician assistants, physical therapists, massage therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapist assistants, emergency medical services (EMS), paramedics, athletic trainers, and other providers who care for injured athletes.

Other Activities:

In addition to the featured presentations, the symposium will include fun networking activities, such as a riverside barbecue, a group mountain bike ride, and more.


  1. Discuss specific challenges in sports medicine.
  2. Develop strategies for health care providers to optimize team-based approach to care for athletes.
  3. Discuss how to develop a multidisciplinary approach to the evaluation of the injured athlete.
  4. Assess and apply surgical and non-surgical treatment  recommendations and rehabilitation protocols for the management of athletic injuries.
  5. Review specific needs for athletic trainers and clinical providers.


Space is limited. Reserve today and receive a discount.

Early registration (prior to 7/9/14)
General: $80 per person
Student: $40 per person

Regular pricing (after of 7/9/14)
General: $100 per person
Student: $50 per person

Cancellation policy: Full refund: Prior to July 20, 2014: ; Half refund: July 20-31, 2014: No refund: after July 31, 2014.


DoubleTree Hotel, Durango, CO

To Register:

Click here to register for the conference online. Space is limited, reserve today!

Hotel Reservations and Recreation Activities:

Click here for information and bookings of hotel reservations and recreation activites for the 2014 Sports Medicine Symposium. You can also call Durango Central Reservations at (877) 369-4018.

More Information:

Please contact Myoung Fry: (970) 764-3340.

Sponsored by:


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